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MedicinesComplete editorial team working on medicines information

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Our experienced editorial team of clinical and scientific writers includes pharmacists and science graduates who triage new information, assess evidence and review changes made by other clinical and scientific writers before publication.

Certain content is further assessed by external experts, committees, and may undergo external peer review. These accredited processes ensure that we produce clear, concise, and actionable guidance to support confident decision-making on the use of medicines and effective patient care.

Our expert knowledge is trusted worldwide

Supported by a skilled publishing team, including those responsible for quality assurance, commissioning and production, our expert editorial team have an unmatched commitment to independently sourcing, evaluating and communicating the most accurate information.

Expert editorial staff
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*Jan-Dec 2022

Support our content creation

To ensure our essential information meets the time-pressured needs of health professionals and those in education and research, we work closely with experts in professional practice and academia.

This support for our content creation process is invaluable and ensures we reflect current practice.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal

Our skilled team of award-winning journalists and editors are responsible for The Pharmaceutical Journal, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s official journal. Providing news, expert analysis, and educational support for all pharmacy professionals since 1840, this enduring publication continues to connect pharmacists and champion the profession.

The experienced team also creates training and learning content to help support and develop current and future generations of pharmacists and pharmacy-related professionals and is responsible for the RPS Journals published in partnership with Oxford University Press.

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Research Journals
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*Jan-Dec 2022

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Pharmaceutical Journal.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s official journal


Pharmacy Knowledge.

Trusted knowledge and revision for tomorrow’s pharmacists


Research Journals.

High impact research in pharmaceutical sciences