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Trusted evidence-based pharmaceutical information, seamlessly integrated into any clinical system.

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Get information delivered as a live feed to integrate with your internal systems (APIs); receive full content files; or simply get extracts for specific needs (XML, JSON files).

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Effective data integration into clinical systems improves data access for health professionals, patients, and third-party service providers ensuring accurate, real-time decision making.

Electronic health record (EHR) systems

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) providers

Health insurance providers

Research & Development teams

Clinical trials

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Integrate BNF content into your native clinical system

  • Drug names
  • Cautionary and Advisory Labels (CALs)
  • Drug pricing
  • Drug hierarchies and structure
  • Clinical Information
  • NICE accredited information

Trusted content supporting you to improve patient safety outcomes

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The most up-to-date content available to support your decisions

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Unbiased, evidenced and accurate content at your fingertips

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Information feeds (APIs) or XML/JSON to suit your needs

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“We needed to ensure our world-class EPMA solution provided the most up to date and accurate advice on managing drug interactions. Since the launch of our EPMA solution, feedback from hospital clinicians and pharmacists has been very positive including the depth of content and detailed drug references that Stockley’s Drug Interactions provides”

Umang Patel, Chief Pharmacy Information Officer, Nervecentre Software Ltd

“We incorporated the drug informatics data from the RPS into our products, and it has been an incredible asset for our users. They can now access crucial drug information quickly and easily, resulting in better patient outcomes and improved care.”

Matthew Ellis, Hx Product Manager, Positive Solutions Ltd

“The RPS have been excellent and working with them has been very easy and straightforward. They were able to develop a contract for us to effectively utilise the BNF and BNF for Children data. This will help us scale as a healthcare technology company. ”

Declan Kelly, CEO, Eolas Medical

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