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Palliative Care Formulary Palliative Care Formulary

Independent, specialist information, grounded in clinical practice

The Palliative Care Formulary (PCF) provides unrivalled and expert drug information for health professionals when caring for adult patients facing progressive life-limiting diseases.

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Rigorously researched information grounded in clinical practice tailored for use in palliative and hospice care settings. This trusted source goes beyond standard references, providing health professionals with in-depth, practical guidance on drugs and treatment regimens to help improve quality of life.

Palliative Care Formulary

PCF’s Syringe Driver Database

Subscribers to PCF get access to PCF’s Syringe Driver Database through Drug Compatibility Checker.
If you wish to contribute a clinical practice report to PCF’s Syringe Driver Database, use the button below.


Drug Compatibility Checker

Drug Compatibility Checker

Included in a subscription to PCF, Drug Compatibility Checker a unique point-of-care tool providing quick access to clinical practice reports, contributed by the palliative and hospice care community.

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Palliative Care Formulary

PCF discussion board

Facilitates the exchange of information between colleagues on matters relating to drug and symptom control, non-drug and service issues in palliative and hospice care.


Drug monographs
Drugs for specialist use only
Quick clinical guides
Compatibility charts

Supporting safe prescribing in end-of-life care

Ensure safe and optimal use of drugs

Rigorously researched information grounded in clinical practice

Covering off-label, unauthorised, and specialist drug use

Compatibility charts for continuous subcutaneous infusions

Comprehensive dosage information and clinical guides

Supports health professionals to select the right drugs

Improve quality of life

Make quick and effective clinical decisions

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Drug Compatibility Checker

Submit a clinical practice report

Health professionals are encouraged to submit a clinical practice report for continuous subcutaneous use via a syringe in palliative care, for inclusion in Drug Compatibility Checker.


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