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Stockley's Interactions Checker Stockley’s Interactions Checker

Quick and easy access to drug interactions

With more than 110,000 interactions messages, Stockley’s Interactions Checker supports health professionals safely manage the selection of drugs at the point of care.

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The Stockley’s Interactions Checker is a drug interactions checker that enables quick and easy access to interactions between drugs, foods and more.

Providing a simple snapshot of the severity, description, and management guidance, linking to the full record on Stockley’s Drug Interactions.

drug-drug interactions
Drug-food interactions
Drug-alcohol interactions
Users per month

The essential drug interactions checking tool

Quick and easy access to drug-drug, drug-food or drug-herb pairs interactions

Practical advice on the management of drug interactions

Clear ratings on action, severity, and evidence per interaction

Linked to Stockley’s Drug Interactions

Search an unlimited number of drugs at a time

Save time with simple snapshot of guidance

Includes drugs used worldwide

Dedicated search feature for drug-food, drug-smoking, drug-alcohol interactions

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