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Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplements

In-depth guide to the most commonly used dietary supplements

An essential reference source for advising patients on their safe use.

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Dietary Supplements provides the latest clinical findings on the most commonly available vitamins, minerals, and natural substances taken as dietary supplements. It examines how they can benefit physical and mental health, supporting the provision of in-depth knowledge and advice to patients on the safe use of dietary supplements.

Updates per year
Additional dietary supplement resources signposted

Keep updated on the ever-growing global market for food supplements

Confidently advise your patients on safe usage

Guidance on safe upper levels of supplements

Clinical trial evidence summarised in tables

Sections on contra-indications and side-effects

In-depth monographs of dietary supplements

Short-form summaries reflecting key monograph highlights

Regularly updated with expert insight

Access essential information quickly

Latest knowledge updates

Our knowledge products are regularly updated online through MedicinesComplete

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