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Electronic Medicines Compendium (emc)

Up-to-date product information for medicines licensed in the UK, directly from manufacturers

Supporting health professionals prescribe and administer drugs correctly according to their licensed use, emc provides accessible and up-to-date regulated medicines information, including manufacturer drug information (SPC) and patient information leaflets (PIL).

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emc through MedicinesComplete features direct links to the evidence-based and practical guidance of British National Formulary (BNF) and BNF for Children.

For the first time, professionals can quickly access these two essential drug information products in one place, enabling informed decision-making on the licensed and unlicensed use of medicines.

British National Formulary

British National Formulary

Practical and evidence based, British National Formulary (BNF) is the only drug formulary in the world that is both independent, and has rigorous, accredited content creation processes.


BNF for Children

BNF for Children

Practical and evidence-based, BNF for Children is the only child-focused drug formulary in the world that is both independent, and has rigorous, accredited content creation processes.


Licensed medicinal products
Pharmaceutical companies contributing product information
Patient information leaflets

Customer use cases


Prepare students for professional practice.

Hospital and Healthcare

Provides detailed information on medicinal products.

Access ready-to-use patient information leaflets.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Efficiently and effectively answer medical information enquiries from professionals and patients.

Qualify and prepare manufacturer drug information.

emc is available on subscription to MedicinesComplete customers outside of the UK

Datapharm have granted us a licence to sell emc through MedicinesComplete to customers outside of the UK. If you are from the UK and wish to benefit from an enhanced user experience, with links from emc to BNF content through MedicinesComplete we encourage you to contact Datapharm to request permission.

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Features and benefits

With an unlimited number of searches through MedicinesComplete, health professionals and pharmaceutical industry professionals benefit from:

Access to information on over 10,000 licensed medicinal products detailing how to prescribe and use a medicine correctly

Over 9,000 patient Information Leaflets (PILs) ready to print or email to patients

Links to BNF and BNF for Children for practical and independent treatment summaries and drug information

Medicines under additional monitoring by European regulatory agencies are flagged with a black triangle, for quick identification

Synonyms, drug and chemical identifiers, chemical formulae, structures and pharmacopeial standards

Option to sort or filter medicinal products by active ingredient, legal status, manufacturer and form

Latest knowledge updates

Our knowledge products are regularly updated online through MedicinesComplete

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