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Frequently asked questions

Psychotropic Drug Directory FAQs

Why has Psychotropic Drug Directory moved online?

There are 3 key reasons for moving Psychotropic Drug Directory online:

1. Online access ensures the resource is available at the point of need from any location, at any time and to an unlimited number of users (depending on the licence). This is not achievable when reliant on a single physical publication.

2. Migration online supports achievement of the National Health Services of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland decarbonisation and net zero goals.

3. Online access enables more frequent content updates referencing recent evidence, helping ensure patient safety. Psychotropic Drug Directory on MedicinesComplete will be updated twice a year.

What subscription options are available?

With single and concurrent user licenses, our subscription options cover anything from small teams at one or more sites, to trust-wide and even nationwide. It is worth noting the cost per user decreases with increased coverage and so if users are frequently blocked from access, please get in touch so that we can increase the size of concurrency.

How will I know where to find the information I rely on?

MedicinesComplete is designed to be easy to use so that quick and informed decisions can be made at the point of care. Watch our short video designed to show you how to navigate Psychotropic Drug Directory on MedicinesComplete or request a trial and see for yourself.

What is the cost?

The cost of digital access depends on the number of users and subscription requirements. Per user, a subscription is designed to be affordable across a trust or department. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will provide you with a proposal tailored to your needs.

What access methods are supported by MedicinesComplete?

Established access methods including Open Athens, IP address, username/password and referrer link are supported by MedicinesComplete. We encourage our customers to select the access method that works best for their trust/hospital/MI or department.