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Drugs and the Liver

Drugs and the Liver

Edited by Penny North-Lewis


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A practical guide to liver function and the principles of drug use in liver disease.

Published16th Jan, 2008
Dimensions234 x 156 mm
Page count344


Liver disease is a widespread and increasing problem throughout the world, however little is published on how different types and degrees of liver dysfunction affect the body's ability to handle medicines.  Drugs and the Liver is designed to assist practitioners in making pragmatic choices for their patients.

This book aims to enable health professionals to assess liver function using biochemical markers, other tests, signs and symptoms.   It provides disease knowledge to identify which pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters of a drug are likely to be affected by different types of liver disease and to consider the impact of a drug's side effects on a patient with liver disease.

This practical guide covers background information on liver function, the principles of drug use in liver disease and includes a section of worked examples of commonly asked questions. It will be invaluable to clinical pharmacists and anyone making medicine choices in patients with liver impairment.

Part 1: Understanding Liver Function

• Introduction to the Anatomy of the Liver

• Functions of the Liver

• Causes of Liver Disease and Dysfunction

• Assessing Liver Function

Part 2: Principles of Drug Use in Liver Disease

• Pharmacokinetics of Drugs in Liver Disease

• Undesirable Side Effects

Part 3: Putting the Theory Into Practice

• Applying the Principles-introduction

• Introducing the Aide Memoire

• Scenario 1 Choice of Analgesia

• Scenario 2 Choice of Anti-emetic

• Scenario 3 Choice of Anti-hyperlipidaemic Agent

• Scenario 4 Choice of Hormone Relacement Therapy (HRT)

• Scenario 5 Choice of Contraceptive

Appendix 1 Detailed Description of the Patient Cases
Appendix 2 The Blank Aide Memoire Form


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