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FASTtrack: Pharmacology Second Edition

FASTtrack: Pharmacology Second Edition

Edited by Michael D. Randall, David A. Kendall, and Stephen PH Alexander



A revision guide that provides a brief account of drug action.

Published1st Apr, 2012
Dimensions234 x 156 mm
Page count288


FASTtrack: Pharmacology is a revision guide that provides a brief account of drug action. The authors have taken a therapeutic area and considered the major classes of drugs, their actions and, to a limited degree, their uses.

New in this edition:

  • Each chapter completely updated to take account of recent changes, and include future drugs
  • Multiple choice tests
  • New chapters on immunopharmacology, oral contraceptives and local anaesthetics
  • Greater use of summary tables.

This study guide deals with molecular pharmacology at a more advanced level, so that the book is also useful for advanced pharmacology studied in the later years of pharmacy and science degrees.

• Pharmacodynamics
• Receptors
• G-proteins and Their Downstream Signaling Cascades
• Ion Channels and Transporters
• Quantitive Pharmacology
• Autonomic Pharmacology
• Local Mediators
• Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism
• Gastric Pharmacology
• Lower Gastrointestinal Pharmacology
• Antiemetics
• Antiarrhythmics
• Cardiovascular Drugs
• Renal and Urinary Pharmacology
• Antithrombotic Agents
• Antiobesity Drugs
• Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
• Allergy
• Anxiolytics and Hypnotics
• Antidepressants
• Antiepileptic Drugs
• Antipsychotic Drugs
• Parkinson's Disease
• Analgesics
• Drugs of Abuse
• General Anaesthetics
• Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs
• Thyroid Disorders
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Antibacterial Agents
• Non-bacterial Infections
• Anticancer Drugs
• Steroids
• Oral Contraceptives
• Immunopharmacology
• Biopharmaceuticals
• Variation in Clinical Efficacy


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