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Foundation in Pharmacy Practice

Foundation in Pharmacy Practice

Edited by Ben J Whalley, Kate E Fletcher, Sam E Weston, Rachel L Howard and Clare F Rawlinson



Provides an introductory overview of the principal pharmacy practice topics.

Published1st Jun, 2008
Dimensions246 x 189 mm
Page count224


Foundation in Pharmacy Practice is an essential introductory book that provides an overview of the principal pharmacy practice topics in a practical and succinct manner.  It covers the following major areas:

  • an introduction to medicines management
  • essential communication skills
  • prescription types, legal requirements, interpretation and understanding
  • packaging and labelling of medicines
  • compliance, adherence and concordance
  • sale and supply of medicines.

Section 1 Pharmacy and the Pharmacist
• What Is Pharmacy Practice
• Structure and Function of the NHS
• An Overview of Community Pharmacy
• An Overview of Hospital Pharmacy
• An Overview of Industrial Sector Pharmacy

Section 2 Professional Aspects of Pharmacy
• An Introduction to Medicines Management
• An Introduction to Law, Ethics, Confidentiality and Duty of Care
• An Overview of the Structure and Function of the RPSGB
• Essential Communication Skills for Pharmacists

Section 3 Dispensing
• Dispensing 1: Prescription Types and Legal Requirements
• Dispensing 2: Prescription Interpretation and Understanding
• Labelling and Packaging of Medicines 1: Dispensed Medicines
• Labelling and Packaging of Medicines 2: Manufacturers Labelling
• Extemporaneous Dispensing, a Beginner's Guide
• Principles of Compliance, Adherence and Concordance
• Sale and Supply of Medicines: Risk and Advice Provision


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