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Handbook of Extemporaneous Preparation

Handbook of Extemporaneous Preparation

Edited by Mark Jackson and Andrew Lowey



A comprehensive guide to good practice in extemporaneous compounding

Published1st Oct, 2010
Dimensions234 x 156mm
Page count480


Handbook of Extemporaneous Preparation is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to good practice in extemporaneous compounding.   The handbook provides:

  • standards for extemporaneous dispensing
  • stability summaries for the 50 most commonly prepared extemporaneously prepared medicines in NHS hospitals.
  • sections relating to clinical risk assessment and advice for procuring "Specials" from manufacturers
  • key findings and outputs from the UK National Advisory Board study, including advice on purchasing unlicensed medicines.

Although the standards set out in this book are primarily written for implementation in NHS hospitals, the principles should be equally applied across the profession internationally.

Written by experts in the field with input from the UK NHS Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Committee.

Part A - Standards

1. Introduction
2. Risk Management
3. Quality Management
4. Personnel & Training
5. Premises & Equipment
6. Documentation
7. Preparation
8. Formulation & Stability
9. Quality Control
10. Complaints, Product Recalls & Adverse Events
11. Procurement & Quality Assessment of Extemporaneously Prepared Medicines
12. Audit & Monitoring

Part B - Extemporaneous Preparation Formulary

13. Introduction
14. Formulary of Extemporaneous Preparations:
• Acetazolamide oral liquid
• Allopurinol oral liquid
• Amiodarone hydrochloride oral liquid
• L-Arginine hydrochloride oral liquid
• Azathioprine oral liquid
• Bendroflumethiazide oral liquid
• Captopril oral liquid
• Clobazam oral liquid
• Clonazepam oral liquid
• Clonidine hydrochloride oral liquid
• Clozpine oral liquid
• Co-careldopa oral liquid (levodopa and carbidopa)
• Co-enzyme Q10 oral liquid
• Dexamethasone oral liquid and dexamethasone sodium phosphate oral liquid
• Diazoxide oral liquid
• Dinoprostone (prostaglandin E2) oral liquid
• Ergocalciferol oral liquid
• Ethambutol hydrochloride oral liquid
• Gabapentin oral liquid
• Gliclazide oral liquid
• Hydrocortisone oral liquid
• Indometacin (indomethacin) oral liquid
• Isosorbide mononitrate oral liquid
• Joulie's solution (oral phosphate supplement)
• Knox mouthwash
• Levothyroxine sodium oral liquid
• Lorazepam oral liquid
• Magnesium glycerophosphate oral liquid
• Menadiol sodium phosphate oral liquid
• Metformin hydrochloride oral liquid
• Midazolam hydrochloride oral liquid
• Morphine sulfate oral liquid
• Omeprazole oral liquid
• Phenobarbital and phenobarbital sodium oral liquid
• Phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride oral liquid
• Potassium acid phosphate oral liquid
• Primidone oral liquid
• Pyrazinamide oral liquid
• Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) oral liquid
• Quinine sulfate oral liquid
• Sildenafil citrate oral liquid
• Sodium bicarbonate oral liquid
• Sodium chloride oral liquid
• Sodium phenylbutyrate oral liquid
• St Mark's solution
• Tacrolimus oral mouthwash
• Tacrolimus oral suspension
• Thiamine hydrochloride oral liquid
• Tranexamic acid oral mouthwash
• Vancomycin hydrochloride oral liquid
• Warfarin sodium oral liquid


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