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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients – Ninth Edition

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients – Ninth Edition

Edited by Paul J Sheskey, Bruno C Hancock, Gary P Moss, David J Goldfarb



Guide to the properties for excipients, their safe use and application.

Published1st Oct, 2020
Dimensions276x219 mm
Page count1400


Extensive information on the uses and properties of excipients. Including pharmacopeias, patents, manufacturer’s data with grade-specific differences. Pharmaceutical Excipients bring together Global information sources and expert observations

The 400+ monographs are also thoroughly cross referenced and indexed to allow their identification by chemical, non proprietary or trade names.

Extensive content updates in this edition include:

  • Over 420 fully referenced excipient monographs, many including IR, Raman, and NIR spectra
  • 13 new monographs including several amino acids and hydrated silicon dioxide
  • 250 existing monographs reviewed

New chapters include excipient selection for orally inhaled and injectable formulations.

New Formulation Considerations and Related Information chapters on:

  • Functional Categories of Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • Pharmaceutical Excipients in Pediatric Formulations
  • The Selection of Excipients for Oral Solid Dosage Forms
  • The Selection of Excipients for Injectable Formulations
  • Formulation Considerations for Orally Inhaled Dosage Forms
  • Reactive Components in Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • Biological Effects of Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • The Use of Counter-ions and Co-formers in the Creation of Salt and Co-crystal Forms of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Over 400 Monographs benefiting from a standardized, easy-to-use template including:

  • pharmacopoeial information from the UK, Europe, Japan and the United States
  • non-proprietary names and synonyms
  • chemical name and structure, CAS Registry number, empirical formula, molecular weight
  • functional category, applications and incompatibilities
  • material description and typical excipient properties
  • safety, stability, storage and handling information
  • method of drug manufacture
  • related substances
  • primary references
  • editorial comments


  • Suppliers directory
  • List of Monographs by Functional Category
  • List of Related Substances
  • List of Excipients by ‘E’ number
  • List of Excipients by ‘EINECS’ number
  • List of Excipients by ‘CAS’ number
  • Pharmaceutical Excipients Assessed by the FDA Select Committee on GRAS Substances (SCOGS)


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