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Introduction to Clinical Pharmaceutics

Introduction to Clinical Pharmaceutics

Edited by Alexander T. Florence



Covers the role of basic pharmaceutics in clinical outcomes and the behaviour of medicines in the body.

Published1st Feb, 2010
Page count208


This textbook looks at the importance of pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical dosage form design by considering the clinical use of modern drugs. It includes adverse reactions due to formulations and excipients.   It covers recent developments such as personalised therapies and nanotechnology. All of the principles underpinning clinical pharmaceutics are supported using relevant examples from recent literature and clinical case studies, including issues of:

  • formulation and excipients
  • surface tension
  • rheology
  • solubility
  • crystallisation and precipitation
  • aggregation
  • absorption

Examples and implications of each phenomenon are discussed with a reminder of the underlying pharmaceutics. It considers the uses and behaviour of dosage forms in different age groups and patient groups along with developments such as personalised therapies and genomics.


• Introduction
• What Is Clinical Pharmaceutics?
• Excipients: Not Always Inert
• Thinking Chemically
• Looking at Formulations
• Adverse Events and Formulations and Devices
• Generic Medicines: Conventional Drugs and Biologicals
• Paediatric, Geriatric Medicines and Special Formulation
• The Future: Delivery Systems for Modern Therapeutics


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