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Patient case study

Patient case study

October 2023

Managing a patient in respiratory arrest

Guidance to support the multidisciplinary team manage a critically ill patient in respiratory arrest.


Editor-in-Chief, Dr Catherine McKenzie and Critical Illness Contributor, Annie Egan, have used the example of patient JD to breakdown the complexity of therapeutic decisions that need to be considered, often on a daily basis, to provide clinical care for a critically ill patient. This includes:

  • Assessment of patient, drug, environment.
  • Evaluation of available evidence base.
  • Continuous evaluation of multiple factors throughout the patient’s ICU stay

All prescribing choices and decisions, including antimicrobial choice (meropenem), and thromboprophylaxis (enoxaparin), are explained in detail throughout the case. The FAST HUGS process is included as a method to give order to JD’s pharmacotherapy review.

Explore how the multidisciplinary team can leverage the comprehensive capabilities of Critical Illness, to confidently treat their patients.

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