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Sector Training: Academia

Recorded on: 6th January 2022
Duration: 30 minutes

Learn how to access drug and healthcare information using a range of scenarios and assessment questions.


Watch our training session designed for academic professionals and researchers to maximize the benefits of your MedicinesComplete subscription. Featuring Natalie Lewis, Senior Lecturer at Aston University, and Elaina Crehan, Expert Science Writer at Pharmaceutical Press, this session will equip you with the essential skills to:

  • Efficiently explore a vast range of comprehensive and relevant content tailored to your clinical, research, and educational requirements.
  • Utilise practical tips and time-saving techniques to access essential medicines information, facilitating swift and informed decision-making in academic settings.
  • Uncover essential features and tools offered by our resources to enhance your academic pursuits.
  • Listen to the live Q&A session at the conclusion, where you can seek clarifications and guidance. Topics covered include the Pharmaceutical Excipients, the British National Formulary, Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference and other knowledge products.

Hosted by:

John Gore
Account Manager, Pharmaceutical Press.


Elaina Crehan
Lead Writer (Science).
Natalie Lewis
Senior Lecturer at Aston University.


MedicinesComplete is aimed at health professionals and assumes a level of professional training to interpret the information on this site. Information on the selection and clinical use of medicines is designed for prescribers, pharmacists and other health professionals and is not suitable for patients or the general public. All information should be interpreted in light of professional knowledge and supplemented as necessary with specialist publications, and all users are responsible for ensuring appropriate use or reliance on such information. Although RPS make reasonable efforts to update the information on MedicinesComplete, RPS make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the content is accurate, complete, or up to date. So far as permitted by law, RPS will not accept liability for damages, in any form, arising from or in relation to MedicinesComplete, or for a temporary inability to access this site. For more information please see our Website Terms and Conditions. © The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 2024. Copying of MedicinesComplete content without permission is not permitted.

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