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Essentials of Pharmacy Management Second Edition

Essentials of Pharmacy Management Second Edition

Edited by Dennis H Tootelian, Albert I; Wertheimer, Andrey Mikhailitchenko



An accessible introduction to pharmacy management.

Published1st Sep, 2012
Dimensions246 x 189mm
Page count464


This textbook provides students with an understanding of business processes used, and how those processes impact their practice of pharmacy in providing patient care.
It provides a foundation of how to manage in an environment that is focused on "the business of healthcare." For pharmacists who prefer not to move into management positions, the book explains how and why business decisions are made relative to practice.

Written in an easy-to-use and understandable form, the book focuses on the basics of good business practice. Special features include cases that allow students to apply what they have learned in the chapters to business situations within the context of various practice settings.


Section 1: Pharmacy Practice in Perspective
1. The Evolving Nature of Pharmacy Practice
2. The Role of Business in Pharmacy Practice
3. Going Into "Business” in Independent, Chain, and Hospital Pharmacy Settings

Section 2: Planning and Risk Management
4. Developing Business Plans and Policies
5. Risk and Insurance Management

Section 3: Accounting and Financial Management
6. Accounting and Financial Records
7. Use of Accounting and Financial Records

Section 4: Marketing Strategies
8. Prescription Product and Service Strategies
9. Pharmacy Location, Layout and Merchandising
10. Pricing Procedures and Credit Policies
11. Promotion and Personal Selling

Section 5: Organising and Staffing the Pharmacy
12. Organising and Staffing the Pharmacy
13. Employee Orientation, Training and Compensating
14. Personnel Relations

Section 6: Pharmacy Operations Management
15. Purchasing and Inventory Control
16. Operations Management
17. Measuring the Success of the Pharmacy

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