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How to manage atrial fibrillation. New changes to bleeding risk assessment

Recorded on: 21st July 2021
Duration: 40 minutes

In this webinar we will demonstrate how to manage atrial fibrillation using evidence-based content from Agilio's Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance on MedicinesComplete.


In this webinar we demonstrate how to manage atrial fibrillation using evidence-based content from MedicinesComplete that can be used in your work to benefit your patients.

Watch this webinar to hear the presenters, Dr Gerry Morrow and Ross Ferguson, look at the diagnosis, risk assessment and management of a patient with atrial fibrillation (AF), using Agilio: Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance. They focus specifically on the new evidence surrounding ORBIT scoring methodology for AF. During this pre-recorded webinar you will:

  • Learn how Agilio: Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance fits into pharmacy practice and primary care management.
  • Look at a case study on Atrial Fibrillation and Anticoagulation therapy.
  • Understand changes to the recommended bleeding risk assessment tool.
  • Identify how pharmacists can be involved in this patient journey and others.


*As of July 2022, Clarity’s Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance is now known as Agilio: Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance.

Hosted by:

Kiri Aikman
Head of New Content at Pharmaceutical Press.


Dr Gerry Morrow
Medical Director at Clarity Informatics.
Ross Ferguson
Assistant Editor at Clarity Informatics.

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