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July 2020

By Pharmaceutical Press

Guidance for effective decision making on antimicrobial strategies

With antimicrobial resistance (AMR) recognised as an ongoing global public health threat, antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) is considered a key strategy to help manage inappropriate use of antibiotics. Hospital pharmacists are already making a significant contribution to the AMS agenda, helping to minimise the development of AMR.

The antimicrobial drug monographs in Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference help hospital pharmacists to implement antimicrobial strategies in a hospital setting. This trusted resource provides evidence-based information on the use and administration of drugs, adverse effects and precautions, interactions, antimicrobial action, and pharmacokinetics.


With widespread bacterial antimicrobial resistance diminishing the clinical efficacy of existing antibiotics, the search for compounds with novel mechanisms of action that can treat drug-resistant infections continues. Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference features the most recently approved antibacterials for use in a hospital setting.

Two newly approved tetracycline analogues:

Omadacycline, a novel aminomethylcycline antibacterial for intravenous or oral use in the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI) and communityacquired bacterial pneumonia (CABP).

Eravacycline, a tetracycline derivative given intravenously for the treatment of complicated intra-abdominal infections.

Both are active against the two main acquired tetracycline-specific resistance mechanisms of ribosomal protection and active drug efflux, and multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, through MedicinesComplete, lists a total of 12 groups of antibacterials, classified according to their mode of action or spectrum of antimicrobial activity. Search by their therapeutic use or by drug name for quick access to the information needed to manage the treatment and prophylaxis of infections.

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference provides hospital pharmacists with practical, evidence-based, global guidance, allowing the quick comprehension of the characteristics of drugs and their clinical uses. Supporting hospital pharmacists confidently implement antimicrobial strategies in a hospital setting.


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